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The three Spaces of GFAR's engagement platform enable you to gather as virtual groups, with people from all around the world, to share knowledge and learn together, co-create and contribute to GFAR's governance as a member. These spaces aim to foster collaborative, inclusive, and equitable approaches to agricultural research and development, bringing together diverse stakeholders such as farmers, researchers, policymakers, and industry representatives. The platform empowers participants to drive positive change in the agri-food sector, building a more sustainable and resilient future for all. Join in constructive, friendly, and informal collective experiences with the GFAR community! 

Share information and experiences, reflect & learn with the GFAR Community! The Knowledge and Learning Hubs (KLH) foster continuous learning and innovation, and explore cross-disciplinary collaboration on pressing issues, to better leverage knowledge and learning for agricultural development.


Take part in GFAR Collective Actions on the topics of your interest! As a member of GFAR, you will join forces with diverse stakeholders - farmers, researchers, policymakers, and industry representatives - to drive more inclusive agricultural innovation and development. By sharing knowledge, resources and expertise, participants develop more effective solutions to the challenges facing the agriculture sector and help to build a more sustainable future for all.

Have your say in shaping GFAR's strategic direction! If your organisation is registered as a GFAR member, through this space, you will get closer to the governing body of GFAR and be able to provide your input and feedback to inform decisions with your aspirations, needs, challenges and opportunities.