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Knowledge and learning hubs

Welcome to the Knowledge and Learning Hubs, a convening space for you to connect, reflect, learn and work together. The Hubs focus on agricultural research and innovation by spurring discussion and facilitating knowledge sharing and interaction. 

Browse through its current subsections, i.e. “Learning and Scaling out from current Collective Actions (CA)” and “Reflecting about prospective Collective Actions”, based on your interests, activities and projects. The former aims at tacking stoke on and building upon current CAs to boost their own advancement while incentivizing more GFAR Members to step in and contribute directly to them whereas the latter focuses on gathering data as well as insights from Members for upcoming and potential CAs. 

Brainstorm about new approaches and methods to implement within the framework of GFAR’s CAs by sharing your personal and unique experience and expertise! You are welcome to join existing groups and discussions. We also strongly encourage you to suggest new ones and facilitate group conversations by participating as a moderator as well!